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Compression fittings are used electrical conduit systems to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together.

Tempsens offers various types of compression fitting for use in mounting Thermocouples into thick or thin walls.

Standard (NPT) pipe thread are normally used for fitting but on customer demand and as per application requirement Straight thread with O-ring fittings are also made available in both brass or stainless steel. The O-ring is ideal for use in thin-wall applications, glass containers etc.
We also supply compression with ferrule fitting which ensure proper connection.
       Compression fittings are available in various sizes.
OD (mm) Size Thread Available in Material Thread Available in Material
    Brass Stainless Steel Brass Stainless Steel
6.0 mm 1/8“ BSP BRCF-60M-18 SSCF-60M-18 NPT BRCF-60M-18-N SSCF-60M-18-N
4.5mm BSP BRCF-45M-18 SSCF-45M-18 NPT BRCF-45M-18-N SSCF-45M-18-N
3.0 mm BSP BRCF-30M-18 SSCF-30M-18 NPT BRCF-30M-18-N SSCF-30M-18-N
1.5mm BSP BRCF-15M-18 SSCF-15M-18 NPT BRCF-15M-18-N SSCF-15M-18-N
8.0 mm 1/4” BSP BRCF-80M-14 SSCF-80M-14 NPT BRCF-80M-14-N SSCF-80M-14-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-14 SSCF-60M-14 NPT BRCF-60M-14-N SSCF-60M-14-N
3 .0mm BSP BRCF-30M-14 SSCF-30M-14 NPT BRCF-30M-14-N SSCF-30M-14-N
12 mm 3/8” BSP BRCF-120M-38 SSCF-120M-38 NPT BRCF-120M-38-N SSCF-120M-38-N
10 mm BSP BRCF-100M-38 SSCF-100M-38 NPT BRCF-100M-38-N SSCF-100M-38-N
8.0 mm BSP BRCF-80M-38 SSCF-80M-38 NPT BRCF-80M-38-N SSCF-80M-38-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-38 SSCF-60M-38 NPT BRCF-60M-38-N SSCF-60M-38-N
3.0 mm BSP BRCF-30M-38 SSCF-30M-38 NPT BRCF-30M-38-N SSCF-30M-38-N
12 mm 1/2“ BSP BRCF-120M-12 SSCF-120M-12 NPT BRCF-120M-12-N SSCF-120M-12-N
10 mm BSP BRCF-10M-12 SSCF-10M-12 NPT BRCF-10M-12-N SSCF-10M-12-N
8.0 mm BSP BRCF-80M-12 SSCF-80M-12 NPT BRCF-80M-12-N SSCF-80M-12-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-12 SSCF-60M-12 NPT BRCF-60M-12-N SSCF-60M-12-N
4.5 mm BSP BRCF-45M-12 SSCF-45M-12 NPT BRCF-45M-12-N SSCF-45M-12-N
3.0 mm BSP BRCF-30M-12 SSCF-30M-12 NPT BRCF-30M-12-N SSCF-30M-12-N
12 mm 3/4” BSP BRCF-120M-34 SSCF-120M-34 NPT BRCF-120M-34-N SSCF-120M-34-N
10 mm BSP BRCF-100M-34 SSCF-100M-34 NPT BRCF-100M-34-N SSCF-100M-34-N
8.0 mm BSP BRCF-80M-34 SSCF-80M-34 NPT BRCF-80M-34-N SSCF-80M-34-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-34 SSCF-60M-34 NPT BRCF-60M-34-N SSCF-60M-34-N
4.5 mm BSP BRCF-45M-34 SSCF-45M-34 NPT BRCF-45M-34-N SSCF-45M-34-N
3.0 mm BSP BRCF-30M-34 SSCF-30M-34 NPT BRCF-30M-34-N SSCF-30M-34-N
12 mm 1” BSP BRCF-120M-1 SSCF-120M-1 NPT BRCF-120M-1-N SSCF-120M-1-N
10 mm BSP BRCF-100M-1 SSCF-100M-1 NPT BRCF-100M-1-N SSCF-100M-1-N
8.0 mm BSP BRCF-80M-1 SSCF-80M-1 NPT BRCF-80M-1-N SSCF-80M-1-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-1 SSCF-60M-1 NPT BRCF-60M-1-N SSCF-60M-1-N
22 mm 1 1/4” BSP BRCF-220M-114 SSCF-220M-114 NPT BRCF-220M-114-N SSCF-220M-114-N
12mm BSP BRCF-120M-114 SSCF-120M-114 NPT BRCF-120M-114-N SSCF-120M-114-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-114 SSCF-60M-114 NPT BRCF-60M-114-N SSCF-60M-114-N
22 mm 1 1/2” BSP BRCF-220M-112 SSCF-220M-112 NPT BRCF-220M-112-N SSCF-220M-112-N
12 mm BSP BRCF-120M-112 SSCF-120M-112 NPT BRCF-120M-112-N SSCF-120M-112-N
6.0 mm BSP BRCF-60M-112 SSCF-60M-112 NPT BRCF-60M-112-N SSCF-60M-112-N
  M20 X 1.5(M) BSP N/A SSCF-M20-15M NPT N/A N/A
  M 33 X 2(M) BSP N/A SSCF-M33-2M NPT N/A N/A
  M 24 X 1.5(M) BSP N/A SSCF-M24-15M NPT N/A N/A
* Any Size Any Material available on Request.
           Adapters & Reduced Bushing
Tempsens Offers wide range of adapters and bushings in both brass and Stainless Steel.

A bushing adapted to be secured within a circular aperture of a structural channel support member has a head, and a shank portion having an external male machine thread. A centered bore having an internal machine thread penetrates the head and shank portion. The head has a flat inside shoulder adapted to abut against the channel member.

Features of Tempsens Adapters:
Rugged Design  
Available in Stainless Steel, Brass or Carbon Steel
Reduced down to 1/8” NPT
Adapt up to 1” NPT
NPT Thread Across Hex Flats Inches Length Inches Available in Material
Male Female Brass
(Model No.)
Stainless Steel
(Model No.)
Reducing Adaptors
1/8 1/4 1 1/8 1.50 AB-18-14-BR AB-18-14-SS
1/8 1/2 1 1/8 1.50 AB-18-12-BR AB-18-12-SS
1/4 1/2 1 1/8 1.69 AB-14-12-BR AB-14-12-SS
7/16-20 1/4 1 1/8 1.94 AB-716-14-BR AB-716-14-SS
1/2 3/4 1 3/8 1.94 AB-12-34-BR AB-12-34-SS
1/2 1 1 5/8 2.16 AB-12-1-BR AB-12-1-SS
Reducing Bushings
1/4 1/8 7/8 1.09 AB-14-18-BR AB-14-18-SS
1/2 1/8 7/8 1.09 AB-12-18-BR AB-12-18-SS
1/2 1/4 7/8 1.09 AB-12-14-BR AB-12-14-SS
3/4 1/2 1 1/8 1.17 AB-34-12-BR AB-34-12-SS
1 1/2 1 3/8 1.36 AB-1-12-BR AB-1-12-SS
1 3/4 1 3/8 1.36 AB-1-34-BR AB-1-34-SS
1 1/4 3/4 1 3/4 1.48   AB-114-34-CS*
1 1/4 1 1 3/4 1.48   AB-114-1-CS*
1 1/2 1 2 1.56   AB-112-1-CS*

* These fittings are available only in carbon steel.

   Any Size Any Material available on Request.

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