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Thermal imagers visualize and measure the thermal heat emitted by objects so they can reveal problems in a vast range of mechanical and electrical systems in a fast, precise and highly effective way.

Tempsens offers both online and Affordable portable thermal imagers for predictive and preventive maintenance Most economic high performance Furnace Monitoring Camera. This is one of the most powerful, fast and one of the most cost effective condition monitoring technique that has wide application in any industry in detecting incipient faults which if left unattended, would not only load to loss in productivity and quality but also increase your operation and maintenance cost.

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Specification Model IRI 4010 Model IRI 4030
Field of view 20 x 15 20 x 15
Focus Manual Manual
Thermal Sensitivity 150mK @ 25 C. 150mK @ 25 C.
Detector 160 x 120 pixels 160 x 120 pixels
Image storage Up to 1000 Images Up to 1000 Images
Display 3' colour LCD 4 colour palettes 3' colour LCD 4 colour palettes
Temp. Range -10 C. to +250 C. 200 C. to +900 C.
Emissivity 0.2 to 1.0 adjustable 0.2 to 1.0 adjustable
Accuracy 2% fo reading or 2 C. 2% to reading or 2 C.
Interfaces USB type B USB type B








The thermal imagers are suitable for the measurement of many different materials in temperature ranges between -20C and 3600C if required the cameras can be equipped with system for lens purging and water-cooling.