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 A wide choice of refractory and Stainless steel Protective sheathing is available to suite for various applications.
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Tempsens Instruments is dedicated to the principle of service and high quality. Tempsens has been manufacturing Thermowells since 1985 and now we are one of the largest manufacturer of temperature sensors in India (Specialist in Thermowells).We service various sector including Power, Glass, Steel and Cement Industry etc with our Thermowells both in India and abroad.

Tempsens is now specialized in the manufacturing of Thermowells for all kinds of thermometers and temperature sensing elements. This type of specialization means intensive concentration on the problems of service and manufacture which brings about best possible delivery, lowest costs and highest quality.

Quality Control
Tempsens Instruments thermowells are manufactured under a strict ISO 9001 quality control system.

Tempsens product Guide provides complete engineering information for proper selection of Standardised Thermowells. We provide Thermowells in Drilled Barstock and Fabricated Type which are available in Tapered or Straight construction with different process connection such as Screwed, Flanged, Weld-In, and Special Coating. Tempsens engineers are able to help you with any design problems.

Tempsens Thermowells are available in different material including Exotic material such as SS304, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 321,HRS 446, INCONEL 600/800,Hastalloy, Monel, Alloy 20 Titanium etc.

Procedure and Certificate
A wide range of documentation and Non Destructive Testing can be provided on request

  1. Material Certification
  2. Certificate of Conformity
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  4. Dye Penetrant Inspection
  5. Radiography
  6. Ultrasonic Bore Concentricity Test
  7. Positive Material Identification
  8. Intergranular Corrosion Test
  9. Hardness Testing

Third party inspection may be arranged.

Manufacturing Equipment
All Thermowells are machined from solid bar stock on the most modern numerical control machines. Bores are produced on deep hole drilling machines which produces smooth holes accurately centered in the sensitive part of Thermowells.
CNC turning machines can produce large quantities of Thermowells with fully identical shapes and close tolerances.

  Special Thermowells
 Tempsens also manufacture special type of Thermowell on customer demand and as per application requirement.
Metal Thermowells with Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic / PTFE / PVDF / PFA Coatings

Solid Sintered Tungsten Carbide

Silicon Carbide

Platinum Thimble

Tantalum Thimble

Tantalum, Titanium, Nickle Cladding Graphite Thermowells 

    Protection Tube
Tempsens offers wide rang of protection tubes from ceramic to exotic material such as SS304,SS 316, Recrystaliised  Alumina Inconel 600,Titanium Hastalloy etc.
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Striaght Hex Head Thermowell


Straight Thermowell (Female Thread)



Tapered Thermowell (Male Thread)


Tapered Thermowell (Female Thread)



Stepped Thermowell


Striaght Thermowell (Screwed Type)



Stepped Thermowell


Tapered Thermowell (Screwed Type)



Heavy Duty Thick Wall Thermowell


Striaght Thermowell (Flanged Type)



Tapered Thermowell (Flanged Type)


Flange with Welded Thermowell



Thermowell with Ceramic Tube


Thermowell with Protection Tube (Boiler Bed Temp.)



Flange with Tapered Thermowell




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