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Tempsens offers wide range of protection tube from mild and stainless steel to refractory oxide (ceramic) and also variety of exotic material including rare metals suitable for various applications.

The choice of sheath material depends upon the temperature and the process atmosphere.
Ceramic (non-metallic) tubes are fragile but have high chemical resistance; they can with high temperature(upto 1800°C in some cases).Metallic tubes most common stainless steel has mechanical advantage and higher thermal conductivity & can be used at temperature upto 1150°C. Ceramic tubes are superior when high purity is required to avoid sensor or product being contaminated at elevated temperature like in Glass industry.


Max. Temp.


Refractory oxide recrystallised
Alumina 99.7%
1750°C Good resistance to chemical attack.
Mechanically strong but severe thermal shock should be avoided.
Silicon Carbide 1500°C Good level of protection even in severe conditions.
Good resistance to reasonable level of shock. Mechanically strong when thick wall is specified but become brittle when aged. Unsuitable for oxidizing atmosphere but resists fluxes.
Used in Aluminium Industry
304 SS 980°C Widely used as a common protection tube against heat and corrosion but not recommended for use in the presence of sulphur or reducing flame.
Subject to stress and pit corrosion.
316 SS 980°C Contain Mo and has excellent resistance to corrosives, heat, acids and alkalis.
446 SS 1090°C Excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing flames containing sulphur.
Suitable for use in non-ferrous molten metals and other high temperature applications, but less mechanical strength.
INCONEL 600 1050°C Excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres at high temperature.
But sulphurous atmospheres should be avoided. Immune to stress and pit corrosion.
Incoloy 800 870°C Excellent to high temperature oxidizing atmospheres and thermal shock. About 10 times longer service life than 304 SS against high temperature corrosion.
1000°C Excellent resistance to high temperature oxidizing and reducing atmospheres and also Cl2 gases.

Oxi. 250°C

Superior corrosion resistance in cryogenic temperatures but at high temperatures, easily oxidized and becomes brittle.

Monel Oxi.500°C
Excellent resistance to water vapor and sea water at high pressure and corrosion. 
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